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Zuid Organisatie Ontwikkeling
Zuid Organisatie Ontwikkeling
Carel Jan van den Wildenberg
After his Masters in Business Administration in Groningen, Carel Jan van den Wildenberg held management positions in European ad America companies. Before founding his own consultancy firm he obtained his masters in Consulting at the Erasmus University of Rotterdam. His main area of expertise is the design and the implementation of large and complex change processes. He supports the management of organizations in formulating a competitive strategy. He pays special attention to the match between strategy, leadership and behavior.

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Zuid Organisatie Ontwikkeling frequently works together with other professionals in the field:

Jan Thiellier
Jan Thiellier has a broad experience in multinational companies. He lectured at the Rijksuniversiteit Groningen and has been an auditor for the INK quality award. His added value to Zuid Organisatie Ontwikkeling lies mainly in his knowledge of innovation and the conversion of customer requirements in product specifications.

Joost Dijkstra
Joost Dijkstra was born into an entrepreneurial family. After his American MBA in 1974 he has worked for Swiss, Norwegian, and American companies. Joost has gained a lot of experience in adding value to business processes and knows what this demands from the management. Joost inspires people and is he is always focussed on the long term.

Peter Broekhof
Peter Broekhof is result-oriented and pragmatic. He is a generalist with a specialty in Corporate Finance. He has much experience with the restructuring of companies in difficulty in a national and international setting. Peter is Registered Business Valuator and has been involved in many business transfers.

Inez Neefjes
Inez gets her passion from increasing people's skills. Therefore, she offers her customers a variety of courses: effective communication, internal cooperation, customer focus and workplace effectiveness. In 2003, Inez finished the Hoge Hotelschool in Maastricht and holds a masters degree in Innovative Hospitality.

Aart Martens
Aart Martens has studied Management Development at the Cranfield Universiteit in England. After his Masters in Management Consultancy (2001) at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam, Aart has worked for Zuid Organisatie Ontwikkeling on the design of complex change processes. Within his own company Spoorijzer Aart supports his customers in knowledge transfer, in cooperation with Jan Thiellier.

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