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Zuid Organisatie Ontwikkeling
Zuid Organisatie Ontwikkeling
Our philosophy
During my career I have worked for various companies. Skilled in business administration (with a focus on strategy and behavioral change) I was ready to make the difference. In every organizations I worked for, it struck me how difficult it was to implement change. No matter the size of the business. European or American.

In my masters in Management Consulting, resistance to change was an important topic of the curriculum. Since the establishment of Zuid Organisatie Ontwikkeling in 2002, I have focussed on the design of change processes that create lasting results with minimal resistance.

Besides the knowledge that change only occurs when people want to contribute voluntarily, we operate from the following principles:
  • the change process should lead to a better (financial) result and a better working climate
  • the process is coherent and the various elements are mutually reinforcing
  • the process is practical in design, delivers immediate results and blend in within the daily activities of management and staff
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