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Zuid Organisatie Ontwikkeling
Zuid Organisatie Ontwikkeling
Better financial results by matching strategy and behavior
Organizational design
Support of the Board of Directors in translating the strategic plan into an organizational design and subsequently into the implementation of the plan. (housing association)

Strategic change
Design and support of a change process to delegate more authority to the workfloor. The company in questions used to be a large centralized organization with a powerful staff. (health facility)

Support of the Chief of Police in the design and implementation of a change process to address leadership issues and revitalize the organization. (police force)

Analysis of the existing and desired culture of a government agency. Development of a training that made the company more entrepreneurial and flexible. (government agency)

Professionalizing the organisation
Support of the Board of Directors in professionalizing the organization. This was necessary due to increased competition in the sector. (large homecare organization)

Disturbed relationships
Harmonizing the interrelationship between management and blue collar workers in a company with disturbed relationships. (industry)

Integration process
An integration process after a merger created a lot of turmoil. By opening up the discussion and focussing the energy on the future, we delivered a contribution to the success of the merger. (construction company)

Behavioral change By realizing a behavioral change within a group of employees, we restored the lost confidence in the management. This led to normalized relationships. (industry)

Smaller management team
Reducing the size of the management team from ten to four persons, rearranging responsibilities and designing of a new communication structure. (six-sigma service company and daughter of an American multinational)

Job Satisfaction
Inventarization of job satisfaction, assessment of possible improvements and formulation of a implementation plan for a production company with disturbed relationships between the management, workfloor and works council. (industry)

Accomodation of talks about an intended alliance between two organizations in healthcare.

Resolving a lingering conflict between the Board of Directors and the management. Facilitation of a decision making process on strategic issues. (health care)

Conducting a work conference to improve the cooperation between two regional banks after a merger.

Update of vision
Support of a large service provider in updating the company vision on the future, the conception of a strategic plan and the designing and facilitating of a company-wide change process.

Customers wish
Through a special process (QFD or quality function deployment) we were able to get a unbiased insight into customer wishes. We translated them into hard product specifications. The result was a substantial higher customer satisfaction against lower costs. (industry)
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