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Zuid Organisatie Ontwikkeling
Zuid Organisatie Ontwikkeling
External orientation
Most organization starts from a strong customer orientation. Yet, due to growth, response to incidents and internal dynamics organizations tend to become more complex. Consequently, the focus shifts from the outside to the inside. Sometimes to an extent that affects the very existence of the company. Early indicators are an increase in customer complaints, friction between departments and frequent questioning of the companies strategy.

We can help you to shift the focus to the outside world again: By involving more employees in collecting external signals. Subsequently, they will play a role in the translation of these signals into new customer solutions. This can deploy either through other ways of organization or by new products and services. This will strengthen the relationship with your customers and leads surprisingly often to lower costs. The renewed focus on the market is perceived as meaningful by your employees. This will make them more creative and energized which will eventually lead to increased job satisfaction.
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