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Zuid Organisatie Ontwikkeling
Zuid Organisatie Ontwikkeling
Our approach
Our approach is based on a broad involvement of your employees and aimed at your biggest opportunities. From that point of view, we support organizations in one or more of the following ways:
  • Reflection and advise for top-management
  • Design of the change process and support for your executives
  • Executing the implementation process
Based on your challenges, we will together decide on our added value. To give you an impression of our frequently used interventions:

360-feedback on the organization
Bases on qualitative information from customers, suppliers, employees and other stakeholders, we give you a clear vision on the improvement opportunities of your company.

Vision and strategy formulation
To make effective use of your resources, it is important to develop a clear and appealing visualization of the future of your company. What's happening around us? Which are our strengths? What opportunities do we see, internally and externally? What is the most suitable competitive strategy? Combining these, what is the most appropriate course of action for the next three years? What behavior will help us to reach our goals? Based on these elements we help you to describe the future of your organization with as little words as possible. We work from the outside to the inside in order to find new strategic options that are based on the market demand.

Your executives are the driving force of the change process. We transfer knowledge and provide them with tools that make it easier to progress with minimal effort. This ensures lasting results, even long after we have left.

Lack of time is a real killer of change. It is therefore important to evaluate the time allocation of your executives. We will discuss their activities and priorities within the light of the new strategy and make sure that they will have time for the change process.

Organizational dialogue
At least eighty percent of the internal communication should deal with those processes and projects that are of vital importance for your company's future. Yet, in most organizations this is not the case. We can help you to organize a result-oriented dialogue that will improve internal cooperation. This dialogue will shift the focus from the past to the present and will improve energy levels.

Behavioral change
An organization develops in time. So does the environment. However, the behavior of your workforce will not stay tuned to this change. It is therefore advised to asses the current behavior in relation to what is necessary in order to be successful. Behavioral change is one of the most difficult topics in management science. Behavior is hardly graspable, it is affected by many causes and it cannot be extorted. Thus we are thankful for being abled to offer you an approach that has been successful in different sector of the economy. See the four behavior panels on our homepage.

Assurance phase
To foster the long term effects of the change program, attention is payed to the endurance. Therefore, we support your executives in their role. We examine processes, systems and structure in order to determine wether they support or counteract the desired outcome. We use the insights that we gained during the implementation process. On the basis of them we make further improvements and ensure that desired behavior is systematically rewarded.
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